ESP International Bulletin


Internationalist greetings
“Workers and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!”
3rd International
Dear comrades and friends from all countries of the world,
Our party, ESP Socialist Party of the Oppressed is a militant revolutionary socialist party fighting
for a workers'-labourers' federative republic in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.We define
ourselves as a revolutionary mass party. We wave the socialist flag of the working class and try to
unite in struggle all the oppressed sectors of the society.The global crises of the capitalist-
imperialist system as well as the regional revolutionary situation in the Middle East and North
Africa proves the vital importance of the international collaboration of the revolutionary and
socialist movement. The imperialist monopolies and states react globally against the
consequences of their crises meanwhile revolutionary and socialist-communist forces don't have
strong ties on the political level. The big issue is to develop international political collaboration.
Our bulletin will serve this need.
Its' period will be monthly. It will include class struggle news and political comments from
Turkey. We will try to inform all our friends and comrades worldwide about the recent
developments in Turkey and our struggle for revolution and socialism
.You can subscribe to our Bulletin by sending e-mail to our contact address
( Your bulletin will be sent monthly.
Also we are waiting for other parties and organizations to send their international bulletins to
this e-mail address. By that way we can develop internationalist communication. This we need
very much, since for now we know each other through bourgeois media. But we need direct
This international communication will seed solidarity. Solidarity is the vital need of the
international revolutionary and communist movement.
Solidarity is -as Che Guevara said- “the tenderness of the peoples”.
Let us develop new ties of international communication between the revolutionary, socialist-
communist and oppressed nations' movements.

Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP)

International Bureau